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EAU.MG, is a British, niche, contemporary perfume brand, made in the UK. We are a brand which makes a statement - Be Bold.
We use the highest quality oils, from a wealth of talented perfumers, with striking simplicity and minimalism, our scents are effortlessly yet stylishly designed and crafted to be as bold as you want to be.

We push the boundaries with you and we set our own rules, together. We are expressive and individual. We are innovative, ever-evolving, future-facing, with our bold, bright, vivid use of colours, extrait de parfum scents which last 8-12 hours with great projection, playful use of words, artistic and expressive design through unique cap design (no two are the same) and coloured fragrance juice. We give people a vehicle to express their creativity, bringing ‘Oh my God!’ to the mind and bringing it to the perfume world, creating deliciously niche yet commercial fragrances.

Citrus Fruits


EAU.MG, is the latest collection from female brand owner, Holly Hutchinson, Founder and creative visionary behind the British niche perfume brand Memoize London.

EAU.MG is an opportunity to creatively explore fragrance using bold colours, unique design and excellent fragrance combinations in Extrait de Parfum.


Our collection of extrait de parfum scents are enhanced with pops of colour. Our scents are bold, intertwined with clever scent combinations. With vibrancy and colour, our impact is as much visual as it is olfactory. Bold and Beautiful both inside and out.


We are excited as to what the world of modern perfume can bring to its customers, We don’t dare you to be different, we dare you to be yourself.


We are luxury, we are desirable; we are both achievable and aspirational. We are what you want to wear, how you want to feel and how you want to smell. We are the finishing touch to your personality; to your outfit, elevating you, inspiring you, empowering you.

‘Oh my God!’, we believe niche fragrance shouldn’t cost the earth! We are considered with our pricing, yet still take steps to ensure we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, sustainability being close to our heart. Our packaging is made from recyclable and biodegradable elements where possible.

EAUMG speaks to a new generation of fragrance lovers; creative, sustainable, affordable niche.

Our fragrances and visual design alike are strong, powerful and unique. Bold, colourful, playful and confident, our fragrances represent and reflect our customers, allowing them to let their creativity and individuality shine.
Born in London, EAUMG nurtures the youth in all of us. We use an intoxicating array of modern ingredients to create ingenious fragrance blends - intoxicating scents that have our customers spellbound.

EAUMG is the here and the now, but also the future. We have only just begun.


EAUMG: Be Bold. Wear bold. Fragrance for unforgettable moments.

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